"I'll never go anywhere else. Sometimes I'll get in an accident just to have my car look better than it did before 😜 . Lol. Best in the business. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ" - Randy Delaronde

"Thanks for the great job done on my Challenger. I know it was a simple low dollar rear ender bumper cover job but the paint work is immaculate and the complete detailing job inside and out was a really nice surprise.
Special thanks to your ladies at the desk and two thumbs up to the staff who deal with the artwork required on the cars. I know I mentioned I was a spray painter back in the day so I know talent when I see it...thats not an every day thing you see anymore. Everybody says they have good painters but rest assured an educated eye can see the difference, your guy passes the flashlight test on the paint and business card test on the panel seams. I will be back. Thanks again," - Chuck


A family owned company with quality service at heart.

Striving for a comfortable & relaxed environment, but never settling for anything less than above satisfactory quality is what sets InterCity apart.

• Starting in 1999 in a modest building as a hobby shop, grown InterCity has grown little by little.
Proud to say we were able to make this our full time family business in May 2005.

• Your safety is our top priority and it starts with a properly repaired vehicle.


Blue Bomber Partners

Terms & Conditions for the Blue Bomber Season Ticket Holders

Season Ticket Card/Pass must be mentioned at time of Booking and shown at time of dropoff.

There is noCash Value or Exchange Value for the "Wash & Vac offer. Offer must be redeemed as offered by InterCity Autobody

Season Ticket Holder must be the Registered Owner of the vehicle being repaired.

The "Wash & Vac" offer is not valid when booking the following services;

1. Lube, Oil & FilterChange 

2. Winterization Service

3. Summerization Service 

4. 2 or 4 Wheel Alignment

5. Stone Chip Repairs

6. Value of job Booked must be a Total Value of $250.00

7. Any and all other repairs that do not total $250.00          



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School’s out for... spring break! HAVE FUN...and BE SAFE ..